Manufacturers Hiring Veterans Now

You’re a Vet, you have unique skills manufacturers are looking for!

Holidays Looking Better For Some Vets

This story comes to us from Kansas City MO…

VA’s RAMP Program… More Red-tape for Struggling Vets?

Patriots Promise agrees with helping Vets with their grievances and we have hope this newly implemented program will do as promised… read the article.

RAMP will provide expanded opportunities for Veterans to enter the new, more efficient claims review process outlined in the Veterans Appeals Improvement and Modernization Act of 2017, which was signed into law by President Donald J. Trump on August 23

Homelessness – Good News First or the Bad?

LA County’s 2018 homeless count show the problem still exist even when the economy seems up? Read the Bloomberg article for some analysis or go straight to the county’s report.

This is Not Helping Our Veterans

File this under “YOU CAN’T BE SERIOUS!”

As if it wasn’t challenging enough. Soldiers/Veterans aren’t that well paid to begin with, and the promise of the GI Bill is, well, a promise!

Nonprofit law firm goes to battle for hundreds of O.C. veterans

Important work being done by Patriots’s Promise Partner Veterans Legal Institute… Go to the article.

Veteran: Tiny houses for homeless vets make a lot of sense

Leo Morris served in the Air Force. Karen Carter patrolled with the Coast Guard. Henry Owens enlisted in the Navy. Go to article…

City of Los Angeles recently completed a “point in time count” of its homeless veterans

Though the news is encouraging, the fact remains, there are too many homeless vets out there. Work to help these vets must continue.

Hit the play button or follow the link below to hear a report from National Public Radio(NPR) on LA’s point in time count of homeless vets.